Today I woke up in Milwaukee.  

Today I awoke in Milwaukee, “relapsed”.  I put relapsed in quotation marks because, although I see how my substance abuse has very negatively affected my life and don’t want it in my life anymore, I don’t consider alcohol “evil” and I never resolved to never ever drink another drop. I didn’t make any bad decisions or get drunk. On my bike ride to Green Bay, while staying at my host of strangers’ house, we all shared a drink as we met and introduced ourselves. 

On a separate note, my fear of not being able to finish the bike ride in two days seems to have manifested. My legs are stiff and melting, my elbows are broken and my back is sore. I just joined Warm Showers and hope to find a couch half way between mke and GB, otherwise I plan to stay with the strangers one more night and leave around 4 in the morning, sleep in a park at noon then get back on the road by 5. 

Too bad hichhiking isn’t a thing anymore. 😓


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