Am I Ready for a Comeback?

First of all, I do not have a computer, so please forgive any mistakes, as I write this on my phone. I rode my bike up to Green Bay Wisconsin to visit my mother and sister. While here on what I expected to be a visit of three or four days, I was offered a job. A good job. One that actually meets most of my ideals for a dream job including good pay benefits and a chance to work with at risk youth. Th problem is, I’d have to stay in Oneida/Green Bay. I am a city boy who loves fast living big buildings museums and world-class cuisine. More importantly, I’m all my friends are in Chicago and most of my family.
Perhaps the most important question of all: am I ready for a come back? Have I fully healed from my mental breakdown, hospitalization, severe depression suicide attempts. Am I ready to get down to the daily grind and deal with the stress of a professional career? I don’t feel like it.  But maybe I’ll never feel like it. Maybe I should just do it. Still, living in the boondocks isn’t something I’d have ever wanted to do, fully healthy or not. I’ll go to the interview and see what they’re all about and go from there. 


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