So close, yet sooo incredibly far

 I recently rode my bike to Oneida, next to Green Bay, from Chicago. The main purpose of this trip was to get enrolled as a descendant of the Oneida Nation, which has the desperately needed benefit of free prescriptions. My meds are over $200 a month for generics and, as a currently unemployed thing…. You do the math. 

I’ve ran out of my prescriptions a couple weeks ago and it’s really catching up with me. In addition, staying for these past two weeks with my psychopathic, drug-addicted, just-plane-crazy mother, has really been trying my depression and tolerance for anger. 

Looming over my head is my bike ride home. I don’t feel physically healthy enough to make the return trip, yet can’t bear to stay here another day. While on Warm Showers, an app for cross country cyclists, I magically ran across someone who is leaving Green Bay for Chicago!!! Today! For fee!!! With room for a bike! Well I just goodn’t be a luckier person right now. I should go buy a lotto ticket and hit up Tinder for a date that Isn’t a weirdo. 

I have to just get my “letter of Descendancy” go to the Health Centre and be on my way! My ride, who also happens to be a beautiful, interesting, intelligent, awesome person, has to be on the road by noon. The mail comes later than usual and I’m still waiting for my scripts to be filled, when she has to leave. So close yet sooo incredibly far from everything actually working out well and easy. My hopes were so high, though I told myself not to get them up but couldn’t control myself, and now it seems harder then ever to make the ride. I will try tomorrow, but don’t know where I’ll sleep tonight, or if I will.  

One thing to look forward to: any minute I should be back on my prescription and back on track. 


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