Usually I post my blog to FB, but this is the other way around. I wrote this this morning, and a dozen people either called or emailed me to tell me that they are going through similar things. It has been an incredible, and humbling morning. It feels good to share in the healing! Keep working, my fellow bloggers, it means the world to someone, even if you don’t know it!

Last year was the worst year of my life. One tragedy after another fell in such rapid succession, it felt like God/ the Universe was playing a joke on me. I’ve always had issues with anxiety, but this all buried me under a very deep depression that culminated with making a plan and attempting to commit suicide. Thanks to the life-saving actions of Ashley Gierke and loving care of my father, Dave Garcia, I was saved from myself and given a second chance at living. I spent a week in a psych ward, which helped realign my physiology, and have done many things to maintain my mental health including cycling/exercise, yoga/meditation, prescription drugs, spending time with family, seeing a therapist when possible and a lot of writing (as you’ve probably noticed). I have been feeling great and very excited to be back in the swing of things and, though it seemed like I’d never get here when I was severely depressed, I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have been. I’m not shy about where I was and am very open to ANY question any person might have for me. I love talking about mental health stuff and if even one person feels a little less despair after a frank discussion, then thousands of hours of work is worth it. I am a professional social worker and I know how hard it can be to ask for help–especially if you are a parent or boss or teacher, etc. and you are used to being the helper. But you might find, not only is asking for help ok, it can be very healing to surrender your pride and open fully to the love of others–it truly is a beautiful feeling!


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