Not a cry for help, just a cry

also, I hope no is too worried. This wasn’t a cry for help as much as a cry. One of my biggest problems has always been putting the comfort of everyone else before my own needs, even when it didn’t make sense. Even the great things that happened, I often wouldn’t communicate well, because I didn’t want to seem like a brag, or whatever. As a writer, I definitely see now how dramatic that last post really was. I am in great pain. It is true. More importantly than that, at least for today’s posts on Facebook, is just me learning to spread my emotional wings and allow myself to feel more fully the emotions, thoughts, and pains, with which I have building a big fucking dam–instead of a bridge. Not to mention, I think in our society in general, there is a huge problem with pressure to always “don’t worry, be happy”–Terribly unhealthy–but there I go again worrying about the world’s problems and focusing on how I can fix, and ignore my own vulnerability, etc. etc… so fuck y’all. Y’all can worry about toppling capitalism right now. IM

gonna go feel like shit and like it!


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