I want to see you,Without skin,

Without shields or friends to hide in. 

See you like god sees

And know you as the devil does.  

Yesterday, I thought I found the seed of your soul

Then it bloomed and 

I must admit 

Terrified me. 

The colors popped so violently

They blinded me. 

I wanted to take a pedal from your heart

As a keepsake,

But the delicate leaf profaned my grabbing hands. 

I want to see you, Jenn, 

As you wish you could see yourself



Shed of time. 

Your legs so bright

And tummy so pooch-less 

And laugh, like bait, for my heart’s shark. 

The first time, we passed, unaware of our destiny,

Caught in webs we had yet to weave,

Unaware of the tininess

Of the train track between chicago and Carbondale. 

Oblivious to dreams our minds overthought,

We spoke like saints till your boyfriend drove away. 

And we wished each other’d stay

But our day was delayed. 

Then what, Clow?

How did we fix the universe in which

We had just nearly missed?


We had decided to be stupid 

And let our OKness, all up to Cupid

The net was our trap where we snagged true love

And the pain of mediocrity was cured by your love

And the fallacy I lived was made truth by your love

And the way I believed was pure faith in your love

And your love, Jenn, was justice

It made me stronger than I. 

And the way that you let me grow so high

I could fly. 

I wanted you since before you knew

I wanted to see you 

Without skin. 

And now I can,

And now I have. 

And to see you, as god does, 

So warm and new

From the bird view that led me to pray just for you. 

You held me and told me you’d wait till I’m through. 

And god gave me sight and insight and justice and truth

Cause god gave me the universe 

When god gave me you. 


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