Although I have struggled with depression and anxiety since a child, the past 12-18 months have marked a steep descent into a very deep depression, substance abuse and culminating in a suicide attempt/ psychiatric hospital stay. As I am now in recovery and trying to lead a Normal life again, I decided that writing this blog would be a healthy way to process some of said issues and, hopefully, myself and others with similar issues might find a bit of community.

I have no idea what exactly this will grow into–I’m guessing mostly short stories and simple diary writings. All I’m sure about at the moment, is that I need a place to turn to whenever I need to get some of these things off of my chest. Thanks for your time!

Phil is a 32 years old, with a Master’s in Social work and a Bachelor’s in creative writing. He was raised in Chicago, went to Southern Illinois University (Don’t go!) and lived in Europe and Texas. He loves being shown how stupid he is and doing anything for the first time–no matter how horrible.


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